Fishing in France
in the region of the
Domaine de Luzenac

  • There are many fishing possibilities in the Aude. There are several rivers including the river Aude itself in the vicinity and not far further afield there is the lac de Montbel for those who like lake fishing and there are other lakes as well.

  • Here is a link to a local fishing enthusiasts organisation

  • Here is the web site of the Fishing Federation for the Aude department again translated
    Here you can download the latest Fishing Guide to the Aude which is essential as there are changes every year.

  • Here is the web site for the Fishing Federation for the Ariege department
    If you like lake fishing, the Lac de Montbel is the nearest big lake and is just the Ariege side of the Aude/Ariege border. It is illustrated opposite.
  • We will be happy to help you get the necessary fishing licence if you need help with that. Here is the web site for fishing licences
  • Other things that may interest you are two trout farms where there are guided tours and fishing for children and all the family to enjoy
    and .