Cycling in France
in the region of the
Domaine de Luzenac

  • Whether your choice is road-biking or mountain-biking, there are many perfect routes in the Aude department.

  • For road bikers there is plenty of opportunity to stretch your legs going up hill or down dale. There are lots and lots of fantastic views to be had as well. It is not for nothing that the Tour de France has been known to go past the end of our drive ! Here is a link to the website for the Comité de Cyclism de l'Aude

  • If you want to cycle with the locals, here you will find a list of local cycling clubs It also has contact details for someone who can both repair and rent out bikes. And it lists local cycling events.

  • If mountain biking is your passion, there really is a spiders web of routes in the hills around here varying from the easy to the very tough. We will be very happy to let you have a map of the Aude routes in the vicinity. The routes are colour coded for difficulty. Here is a useful website for bike rentals, bike repairs, mountain biking clubs and qualified guides